New Site

Hello! You may be used to the original website for the band Simply 8, at Unfortunately, the members of Simply 8 have had to part ways due to the diverging paths our lives are leading us on.

This means that the ownership of that original domain,, will not be renewed. After July 28, 2017, you will no longer be able to visit

However, the site you are on right now,, is an exact copy of all of the content from the original Simply 8 band website, and you can continue to peruse all of that information here forever (or until the internet ends, whichever comes first).

Thank you for such a great time!

~Gabriel Mukobi


Welcome to the official website of the band Simply 8! We are a band of 5 teenaged musicians from Camas, WA.

We write our own songs (we just recorded an EP of 5 of those songs!) and play covers in performances as well. Our songs are mainly of the rock genre.

On this website, you can find a calendar displaying everything that we have scheduled so far, a gallery of photos and videos taken throughout our travels, our album list and song lyrics, information about the band, ways to contact us, a store of our CDs and merchandise, and a PayPal donation link.

Social Media

Feel free to have a look around, or visit our Facebook page.

Also, please check out our Twitter account.

On both of these social media, we post rather frequently with new pictures, recently scheduled gigs, reminders for upcoming events, and general announcements. If you like us, please like, share, and follow us as it is very much appreciated!

Upcoming Events